2017 Season Information

Required Equipment:

Below is the minimum equipment required to take the field under GNSW rules.

There is extra equipment used on the field that is of assistance to certain positions


Registration costs for the 2017 season will be as follows:

This cost is all that will be required to be paid during the season to play. Equipment (as listed above) is at the extra cost of the players themselves.It covers registration, insurance, field hire, match fees and referee fees. Some sports have a registration fee before the season and payments each game, our costs are calculated for the entire season.



Training for both seniors and juniors will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays, with games being played on Saturdays. The season time frame has not been set from the league as yet, but we anticipate the season will run from early September until Mid-December.

Training will commence on the last week of May, we will confirm closer to the date times as well as whether training will be held on both days to begin with. Training will be for between one and a half, and two hours. All protective gear is required to be brought to training sessions.



Our uniform comprises of Black football pants, black socks, matte black helmet and yellow jersey. Our away strip remains the same with the exception of a black jersey. Gridiron NSW does run a pink round which we like to get involved with, we ask that players take part with having socks, gloves, arm bands etc which are pink. Both home and away jerseys will be supplied by the club, they remain the property of Nepean Ducks Gridiron and must be returned to the coaching staff/committee. There will be an opportunity to buy a jersey throughout the season, the club will organise a shipment for those who have ordered and paid for the jersey prior to the cut-off date.



Gridiron is a great sport to take part in but it isn’t without it’s dangers. During training, the coaches and senior players will work on football techniques and specific fitness drills that relate to game situations. Nepean Ducks expect that players are also undertaking their own fitness and strength regiment outside of our training days. YouTube is also a great tool to find drills and technique tips for the position you play. We also expect that players respect the direction given to them by coaches and come to training with a good attitude and demeanour. Coaches and senior players are here to help and willing to answer any questions you may have, don’t be afraid to ask for guidance and assistance



Our league is a state wide competition and we have teams from Newcastle down to Wollongong in our league, this means there will be travel involved. As a club we like to carpool as much as possible to avoid everyone driving to a game we may have to play in Newcastle. As we have a lot of gear to put on and drills/warm-ups to run through you will need to arrive at the field with sufficient time to get dressed and warm up. This time will be at the discretion of the coaches but is usually a minimum of 1 hour before kick-off. As part of our League requirements, clubs are required to provide refereeing assistance either before or after our scheduled game. We put together a roster when we know our duties and spread it amongst the team, if you cannot make your allotted duty time slot it is your responsibility to find someone to swap with.




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Gridiron NSW


If you have any queries, do not hesitate to contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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